03 Fully Funded PhD Programs at Lund University, Sweden

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If you’re a Masters degree holder and seeking Fully Funded PhD Programs, Lund University, Sweden has several online applications open for PhD programs. Explore the PhD opportunities across diverse research areas and submit your application soon.

1. Fully Funded PhD Position in Statistics

Summary of PhD Program:

Doctoral students devote their time primarily to completion of course work and the writing of a doctoral thesis. The employment as a PhD student is granted on a yearly basis and the total period of employment may not exceed 4 years of full-time studies. Departmental duties, i.e., teaching, administration or research not directly connected to the dissertation topic, may amount to a maximum of 20% of full time. When such departmental duties are performed, the length of employment is extended accordingly.

Application Deadline: 31.May.2024

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2. Fully Funded PhD Position in Molecular Cardiology

Summary of PhD Program:

The research group, which is led by associate professor Olof Gidlöf, has a translational research profile focused on heart disease. The research involves epigenetic and transcriptomic mapping of pathophysiological mechanisms in heart failure, with the purpose of identifying new potential targets for therapy. The work will be conducted within a large research environment which involves research groups at Lund University and Gothenburg University (and corresponding university hospitals) and includes preclinical and clinical doctoral students, a bioinformatician as well as postdoctoral and senior researchers. The research also builds on extensive national and international collaborations.

Application Deadline: 21.May.2024

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3. Fully Funded PhD Position in Automatic Control

Summary of PhD Program:

Automatic Control is one of the departments at the Faculty of Engineering (LTH) at Lund University. Our research focuses on sustainable and safe operation of technical systems for the benefit of people and the planet. The department conducts both basic research and applied research in the fields of robotics, energy supply, transport, health care, communication, and economics. The department gives both basic and advanced courses for students within several different engineering programs in the areas of control and learning. There is also extensive postgraduate education with 25–30 active PhD students at the department.

Application Deadline: 17.May.2024

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