05 Fully Funded PhD Programs at University of Helsinki, Finland

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If you’re a Masters degree holder and seeking Fully Funded PhD Programs, University of Helsinki, Finland has several online applications open for PhD programs. Explore the PhD opportunities across diverse research areas and submit your application soon.

1. Fully Funded PhD Position in Ornithology

Summary of PhD Program:

The Finnish Museum of Natural History is inviting applications for a fixed term (3 years) Doctoral Researcher position on the project ‘Habitat tracking for conservation of huntable bird species’. The preferred starting time is 1 October 2024. Deadline for applications: 20 June 2024. The Doctoral Researcher will be based in the Monitoring Team in the Zoology Unit.
The duties of the Doctoral Researcher will include:

  • Working with large-scale bird monitoring data
  • Writing a PhD thesis
  • Collaboration in an international consortium of ‘HABITRACK’.

The PhD will be about modelling species distribution areas and habitat use using large-scale European survey and tracking data. The aim is to define priority areas for conservation now and in the future for 14 huntable species. The position is part of EU funding HABITRACK consortium led by the National Museum of Natural History Paris.

Application Deadline: 20.6.2024

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2. Fully Funded PhD Position in Virus-host interactions

Summary of PhD Program:

Viruses with RNA genomes cause most of the emerging and re-emerging infectious disease epidemics. Alphaviruses are mosquito-borne viruses causing febrile disease, found both in tropical and temperate regions. The project aims to establish a comprehensive view of host interaction during alphavirus replication by identifying host proteins that assist in virus replication. We aim to understand the specific actions that each host factor performs during virus replication. The proteins could assist e.g. in the modification of host cell membranes, as viruses rearrange the membranes to create protective replication vesicles.

The host proteins important for virus replication are attractive new targets for antiviral drugs. The starting point of the project is a large proteomics dataset, so the project can be tailored together with the successful applicant based on their interest and prior experience. The work could include detailed virological, cell biological, or biochemical/structural characterization of the selected protein(s). We are supported by top-level local core facilities in proteomics, as well as light and electron microscopy and sequencing. The project entails collaboration with other teams and universities. 

Application Deadline: 17.06.2024

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3. Fully Funded PhD Position in history of religion (southern Levant)

Summary of PhD Program:

We are recruiting a team of researchers (four postdoctoral researchers and a PhD researcher) to collaborate in Dr. Jason Silverman’s ERC Advanced Grant Project “Work without End: Informal Taxation and Forced Labor within Persian Southern Levantine Temple Economy and Society (WORK-IT)” at the University of Helsinki. WORK-IT will run from Sept 2024 to Aug 2029. Each researcher is expected to be able to research and publish independently as well as collaboratively within the team.

Using temples in the southern Levant under the first Persian Empire as the focus, WORK-IT explores imperial-local socio-economic interaction. The project integrates analysis of informal taxation and forced labor via Bourdieusian field theory in the analysis of Persian-era sources. The analysis of informal taxation and forced labor will be useful to both economists and sociologists via the most up to date ANE data and analyses, bridging the lingering divide between ancient historians and modern social scientists. The ultimate goal is to provide some refined perspectives for the modern theory of preindustrial socio-economic interactions.

Application Deadline: 12.6.2024

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4. Fully Funded PhD Position in Food Microbiology/Food Science

Summary of PhD Program:

The Doctoral researcher will be appointed for a fixed-term 2-year contract (start date: 1 September 2024 or as agreed) to work in a project entitled “HealthFerm- Innovative pulse and cereal-based food fermentations for human health and sustainable diets” more information at https://www.healthferm.eu/. The position will be supervised by University Lecturer Rossana Coda, at the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry.

Application Deadline: 10.06.2024

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5. Fully Funded PhD Position in RNA-based mechanisms

Summary of PhD Program:

We are looking for a skilled doctoral researcher (PhD student) that will work in a vibrant and international research environment as part of a Research Council of Finland funded project on RNA-mediated pathogenicity mechanisms in prokaryotic models. The successful applicant will work on one of two focus areas: (i) characterizing the role and dynamics of viral RNA-based components during virus infection, or (ii) exploring virus infection-mediated changes in archaeal translation. The project entails collaborative aspects with other teams and universities and will be tailored together with the successful applicant based on their interest and prior experience.

Application Deadline: 31.5.2024

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