11 Fully Funded PhD Programs at Tampere University, Finland

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Are you holding Master’s degree and looking for PhD positions? Tampere University, Finland inviting online application for funded PhD Programs / fully funded PhD positions. 

Interested and eligible applicants may submit their online application for PhD programs via the University’s Online Application Portal.

1. 4-5 PhD Position in Civil Engineering and Architecture

Summary of PhD Program:

The goal of a position of doctoral researcher is to complete a doctoral degree in the Built Environment Doctoral Programme at Tampere University. The aim to complete the degree is 4 years and doctoral researchers are hired on a fixed-term basis for 2 to 4 years. The exact length of the contract will depend on the current stage of your studies and your expected graduation date. Besides conducting research for your dissertation, your position may include teaching or other duties in the faculty related to your studies.

Last Application Date: 2022-10-31

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2. PhD Position in Optically active glass-based materials

Summary of PhD Program:

The Photonic Glasses Group, at Tampere University, is looking for one Doctoral Researcher to work on Optically active glass-based materials. The aim of the project is to develop new active glass channel waveguide to monitor water quality. The project involves developing new glasses and glass-ceramics that can be deposited into films with good quality (thickness control and uniformity, target chemical composition, good adhesion to the substrate, dense film with no pores/ cracks/ voids and stress free), waveguide fabrication and testing. This project is part of the IBAIA project funded by EU.

Last Application Date: 2022-10-15

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3. 1-2 PhD Position in Business and technology management

Summary of PhD Program:

We have one to two (1-2) Doctoral Researcher (postgraduate student) positions open to candidates willing to carry out a research project towards a doctoral degree (D. Sc. Tech. / PhD). The positions are fully funded for four years, but shorter periods are also possible if the candidate has started doctoral studies already earlier. The doctoral researchers are expected to carry out research in one of the two departments involved in the doctoral program.

Last Application Date: 2022-11-03

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4. 2-3 PhD Position in Administrative Sciences, Business Studies and Politics

Summary of PhD Program:

In the Doctoral Programme in Administrative Sciences, Business Studies and Politics, students can complete the doctoral degrees of Doctor of Administrative Sciences, Doctor of Science (Econ./Business Adm.), Doctor of Social Sciences or Doctor of Philosophy.

Last Application Date: 2022-10-26

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