141 Fully Funded PhD Position at University of Catania in Italy

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PhD Selection Procedures

1. In compliance to the premises to the Call for applications for places in Ph.D. programs, for the academic year 2022/2023 the University of Catania officially announces the selection procedures for places in the following Ph.D. courses of cycle XXXVIII:

S/N Ph.D. Course Places with scholarships Places without scholarships
1 Agricultural, food and environmental science 8 1
2 Basic and applied biomedical sciences 4 1
3 Traslational Biomedicine 4 1
4 Biotechnologies 4 1
5 Economics, Management and Decision Making 5 1
6 Physics 11 1
7 Law 5 1
8 Computer Science 8 2
9 Systems, energy, computer and telecommunications engineering 19 1
10 Neuroscience 4 1
114 Educational processes, theoretical-transformative models and research methods applied to the territory 4 1
12 Materials science and nanotechnologies 6 1
13 Chemical sciences 4 1
14 Earth and Environmental Science 7 2
15 Science of interpretation 4 1
16 Sciences for cultural heritage and production 5 1
17 Political science 5 1
18 Complex systems for physical, socio-economic and life science 5 1
19 Evaluation and mitigation of urban and territorial risks 8 1

2. For all Ph.D. programs listed above course activities begin on October 31 2022.

3. Each of the Ph.D. course listed in paragraph 1 of this article will be effectively implemented provided the ministerial accreditation in compliance with Ministerial Decree n. 226/2021 and the effective funding of the scholarships sponsored by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (hereinafter referred to as NRRP) in compliance with Ministerial Decrees n. 351/2022 and n. 352/2022 as well as the effective funding by the partner private company within the projects financed by the Ministerial Decree n. 352/2022 by no later than September 30 2022.

4. Detailed information on each Ph.D. course, including the research themes related to each scholarship, is included in the annexed information sheets which constitute integral and substantial part of this Call (annexes 1 to 19).

PhD Admission Requirements

1. Applications are open without regard to nationality or age to candidates who hold either a Laurea (Vecchio Ordinamento) or a Laurea specialistica /magistrale or any foreign degree suitable for access to Ph.D. courses in the country of origin and corresponding to a Second level degree by the deadline of the present call.

2. The suitability of the foreign degree is assessed by the selection committee with respect to the rules in force in Italy and in the country where the degree was issued and according to international agreements on degrees recognition for further education.

3. Applications are also open to candidates regularly enrolled in their final year of Laurea Vecchio ordinamento, Laurea specialistica/magistrale or foreign degree course who obtain their final degree by no later than the date of enrolment in Ph.D. courses, under penalty of exclusion from Ph.D. courses.

In case these candidates pass the selection, they will need to submit a self-certification of degree completion (for holders of Laurea Vecchio Ordinamento or Laurea Specialistica/ Magistrale issued by an Italian University) or a degree certificate accompanied by the Statement of comparability or Declaration of Value (for holders of a degree issued by a foreign university) at the time of the enrolment in their Ph.D. course.

Failure to submit the aforementioned documents will lead to the exclusion from the doctoral program.

4. Further entry requirements are reported on the information sheets (annexes 1 to 19) which constitute integral and substantial part of this Call.

PhD Application Form

The application form is web based and must be completed electronically through the University of Catania online application system available at https://studenti.smartedu.unict.it/NewAccount according to the guidelines in paragraph 10 of the present article. The closing date for the application is August 3 2022, h. 12,00 (Noon, Italian Time).

PhD Application Deadline

August 3 2022, h. 12,00 (noon, Italian time).

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