Zwitterion: Definition, Types, & Examples

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Zwitterion Definition

A molecule that carries both a positive as well as a negative charge

What is Zwitterion?

Zwitterion comprises two (or more) functional groups. One of the functional groups carries a positive charge and another one carries a negative charge. Thus, the net charge of such a molecule is zero and it is electrically neutral as the presence of the opposite charges in the same molecule balances each other. Amino acid is an excellent example of zwitterions.

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It comprises functional groups: an amino group (positive) and a carboxylate group (negative), alongside a side chain group (R group). Amino acid is in a zwitterionic state at a pH of 2.2 to 9.4, and therefore with a net zero charge.

However, when the pH is decreased below 2.2, the amino acid would have a net charge of +1 as the carboxylic group becomes neutral. When the pH is increased above 9.47, the amino acid would have a net charge of -1 as the amino group becomes neutral and the negative carboxylic group is predominant.

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