04 Postdoctoral Jobs at University of Sheffield, England

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If you’re a PhD degree holder and seeking postdoctoral fellowships, University of Sheffield, England has several online applications open. Explore the opportunities across diverse research areas and submit your application soon.

1. Postdoctoral Job

Summary of Postdoctoral Fellowship:

Applications are invited for a Research Associate in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. You will be working with Prof. Davide Costanzo and Dr Patrick Stowell to work on the preparation for data taking of the BUTTON experiment at the Boulby Underground Laboratory in the UK. BUTTON is providing a technology development platform and a risk-mitigation strategy for building an underground ktonne water-based liquid scintillator (WbLS) neutrino detector doped with Gadolinium (Gd).

Application Deadline: 6th June 2024

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2. Postdoctoral Job

Summary of Postdoctoral Fellowship:

The overarching theme of Briony’s research is the social, political and/or educational role of public and youth libraries. Her work has contributed to our understanding of libraries and their role in society, bringing a critical but constructive perspective to a service and profession in crisis. This post offers an opportunity for the successful candidate to work with Briony on a variety of ongoing and new research projects broadly concerned with libraries, leadership and social justice (including decolonisation). 

Application Deadline: 30th May 2024

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3. Postdoctoral Job

Summary of Postdoctoral Fellowship:

We have an exciting opportunity for a motivated and enthusiastic individual interested in evolutionary biology and sexual selection to join the UKRI funded project ‘Deciphering the genomics and evolution of honest sexual signals’. The project will combine experimental, comparative and single-cell sequencing approaches across multiple evolutionary levels to integrate patterns of sexual dimorphism within populations and across species, to break new frontiers in our understanding of sexual selection. The focus is a classic model of sexual selection – stalk-eyed flies. This is an excellent opportunity to undertake high-quality, international research on a novel, multi-disciplinary project that integrates cutting-edge genomics techniques with a classic model of sexual selection.

Application Deadline: 4th June 2024

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4. Postdoctoral Job

Summary of Postdoctoral Fellowship:

You will work on applied and methodological research projects focussed on policies that Local Authorities in England could implement across the areas of consumption of foods high in fat, sugar and salt (HFSS foods), alcoholic beverages and tobacco products. You will contribute to project work focussed on quantitative analyses of commercial determinants of health, writing future research & consultancy proposals, dissemination of research findings through peer-reviewed publications, academic conferences and engagement with policy and practice stakeholders and the public.

Application Deadline: 17th June 2024

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