Developmental Biology: Definition & Examples

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What is Developmental Biology?

Developmental biology is a branch of biology that studies how a living thing develops and reaches maturity. The tutorials in this section are all about human growth and development. Following these lessons, one may expect to learn about human zygote development and maturation into maturity. There are also helpful instructions on dietary sources of nutrients that are essential for human growth and development.

Developmental Biology Objective

  • To gain knowledge of human reproduction and the many life phases that a person passes through, such as zygote to adulthood.
  • To become acquainted with the various pregnancy and birth control options.
  • To understand the significance of a well-balanced diet rich in vitamins, carbs, proteins, fats, and minerals.

Developmental Biology- Key Points

  • Unlike other creatures that reproduce asexually, humans reproduce only by sexual methods (with gametes) (without gametes).
  • Meiosis is the process through which humans generate gametes (sex cells). Males and females generate egg cells and sperm cells, respectively. These cells are both haploid. This is crucial during fertilization to ensure that the zygote that results from the union maintains its diploid character for future generations.
  • The primary stages of human existence are as follows, in chronological order: zygote, embryo, fetus, neonate, toddler, puberty, adult Zygote, embryo, fetus, neonate, toddler, puberty, adult Zygote, embryo,
  • The human body evolves, as evidenced by a variety of physical changes. The human body’s growth and development are supported by nutrients obtained from food or by the body’s own synthesis of essential chemicals.
  • As we age, our bodies become less efficient. In order to maintain favorable circumstances, homeostasis becomes less effective. This results in bodily deterioration and, eventually, death.
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