MEXT Scholarship 2024 (Fully Funded) Application Process

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MEXT Scholarship 2024 (Fully Funded) Application Process

Grade Level Undergraduate / Masters / PhD / Training
Country Japan
Eligible Nationalities All countries
Required Language English
Sponsors Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
Award Fully Funded Scholarship
Application Deadline  Varies from Embassy to Embassy

Are you a student seeking an exciting opportunity or scholarship to support your degree program? MEXT University, USA inviting online application for MEXT University Undergraduate / Graduate Scholarships.

Don’t let this fantastic chance pass you by by missing the application deadline! In this article, we’ll go over this scholarship program’s features, benefits, and step-by-step application process.

About MEXT University Scholarship

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) is in charge of managing the MEXT Scholarship, a scholarship programme offered by the Japanese government. The scholarship is designed to help foreign students who are enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programmes in Japan.

The MEXT grant 2024–2025 is a fully financed grant for overseas students. For undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and post-doctoral studies, this fellowship is offered. Tuition, lodging, a monthly stipend, and round-trip plane travel from your place of residence to Japan are all covered by MEXT scholarships.

Program of Study

  • Natural Science
  • Social Sciences and Humanities:
  • Engineering
  • Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation
  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Arts

About MEXT University

Universities in Japan that receive support from the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) are referred to as MEXT Universities. These institutions are renowned for their cutting-edge teaching techniques and excellent academic standards, and they provide a wide choice of academic programmes and research possibilities.

MEXT institutions offer a welcoming and inclusive learning atmosphere and are accessible to both Japanese and foreign students. Strong international collaborations at many of these universities make it possible for students to study abroad and take part in cross-cultural learning opportunities.

Overall, MEXT universities are renowned establishments that provide students from all over the world with possibilities for top-notch education and research.

Scholarship Coverage

Monthly allowance of 117,000 yen. For grantees studying or doing research in particularly specified locations, an additional regional stipend of 2,000 yen or 3,000 yen per month will be added to the monthly scholarship amount.

The amount of payment may vary each fiscal year due to the state of the Japanese Government’s budget. The scholarship will be suspended for the duration of the grantee’s lengthy absence from the university or preparatory educational institution.

Education Fees: MEXT will cover all entrance test, matriculation, and university tuition fees.

Transportation to Japan: MEXT will provide the trip itinerary and route and will give grantees who will arrive in Japan within the time frame mentioned in “5. (6) Arrival in Japan” an airline ticket. A plane ticket will be an economy-class ticket for the journey from the international airport that is most convenient for the grantee’s home (generally, the country of nationality) to a Japanese airport that is utilised to go to the accepted university on a regular basis.

Any costs associated with domestic travel from the grantee’s home to the closest international airport, airport taxes, airport usage fees, special taxes required for travel, travel expenses within Japan (including airline transit costs), travel insurance costs, carry-on luggage or unaccompanied baggage costs, shall be borne entirely at the grantee’s expense etc.

If the grantee must travel to a third country in order to obtain a visa for Japan because there are no Japanese diplomatic missions in his or her country or if there are no direct flights from the grantee’s country of residence to Japan, the grantee shall also bear at his or her own expense travel and lodging expenses incurred in the third country. From the grantee’s place of residency to the aforementioned third country and from the third country to a Japanese international airport utilised on the regular route to the accepted university, MEXT will give an economy-class plane ticket.

The location provided in the application form’s “Your address before departure for Japan” section will generally be considered the “residence,” and an airline ticket will be booked for a flight leaving from the international airport located the closest to that address. MEXT will not give an aeroplane ticket for cases of travel to Japan from a nation other than the grantee’s country of residency owing to the grantee’s personal circumstances, with the exception of situations where the grantee must go to a third country to get a visa. Travel expenditures won’t be reimbursed if a grantee arrives in Japan earlier or beyond the time frame provided in “5. (6) Arrival in Japan.”

Transportation from Japan: In accordance with the grantee’s application, MEXT will give grantees who graduate from the accepting university and return to their home country by the end of the last month of the scholarship period (See “6. PERIOD OF SCHOLARSHIP”) designated by MEXT an airline ticket. A round-trip economy plane ticket from the international airport in Japan that is normally utilised for travel to and from the accepted university to the international airport (in theory, in the nationality country) closest to the returning recipient’s home will be provided by MEXT.

All costs associated with travelling from the grantee’s home in Japan to the closest international airport, as well as airport taxes, usage fees, special taxes required for travel, travel expenses within the country of nationality (including airline transit costs), travel insurance costs, carry-on luggage or unaccompanied baggage costs, etc., must be covered by the grantee personally. Due to personal reasons or those listed in “8. SUSPENSION OF PAYMENT OF SCHOLARSHIP”, MEXT will not cover the grantee’s return travel costs if they return to their home country before the scholarship period has ended.

Travel costs for a brief return will not be reimbursed if a grantee stays in Japan after the scholarship period has expired for reasons like continuing their study there or finding employment there.

Eligibility Criteria 

Nationality: Applicants must be citizens of a countries with which Japan maintains diplomatic ties. A candidate who at the time of application was a citizen of Japan is ineligible. Although they must choose the nationality of the other country and renounce their Japanese nationality by the date of their arrival in Japan (the acquisition of student status), individuals with dual nationality who also hold Japanese nationality and whose place of residence at the time of application is outside of Japan are still eligible to apply. The First Screening must take place at the Japanese embassy of the nation the applicant choose as their nationality.

Age: In theory, applicants must have been born on or after April 2, 1998. However, in order to be admitted to a Japanese institution, candidates must be 18 years of age or older and meet the requirements for academic background listed in item 3 below.

The only situations in which there may be an exception are those in which MEXT determines that the applicant could not apply within the qualifying age limit because of the condition or circumstances of the applicant’s nation (military service duty, loss of educational chances owing to war disruptions, etc.). Personal considerations (financial condition, family situation, health status, circumstances pertaining to applicant’s college or place of employment, etc.) won’t be taken into account for exceptions.

You must be under 35 years old, a college graduate (including a prospective graduate), and a research student. Alternatively, you must have finished 16 years of education.

Students enrolled in teacher preparation programmes: You must be under 35 years old and a graduate of a university or teacher preparation programme. You must have at least five years of current teaching experience in your nation’s elementary, secondary, or teacher preparation institutions. Please take notice that this award does not take active college and university professors into consideration.

Undergraduates: Applicants must be at least 17 years old, under 25, and have finished 12 years of formal education or courses equivalent to a high school (including aspiring grads).

Students of Japanese studies: Your age range must be between 18 and 30. When they visit Japan, you must be enrolled as undergraduate students in faculties or schools that specialise in Japanese language or culture in a university outside of Japan, and you must be enrolled in your home institution when you return home.

Students in colleges of technology must be at least 17 years old, have a minimum of 11 years of schooling, starting in primary school, and be under 25 years old. This requirement includes aspiring graduates.

Students at specialised training colleges must be at least 17 years old, under 25, and have completed 12 years of formal education or a programme equivalent to a Japanese high school (including aspiring graduates).

Required Documents

  • MEXT Scholarship Application form
  • Academic Transcript
  • Motivation Letter
  • CV
  • Scanned copy of Passport
  • Two Recommendation Letter
  • English Language Proficiency Test
  • Work experience (if any)
  • Other documents (honors, awards, publications…) if any
  • Academic thesis or relevant publications (for research students)
  • Study plan / Statement of purpose (for research students)

How to Apply for MEXT University Scholarship?

Check eligibility: Verify your eligibility by making sure you satisfy the requirements for the MEXT scholarship. These include, among other things, academic prerequisites, age restrictions, and health limitations.

Find a university in Japan: Conduct research on Japanese universities to find one or more that provide courses in your area of study. To apply for the scholarship, you must acquire a Letter of Acceptance from a Japanese university.

Contact the Japanese embassy: For details on the application procedure and deadlines for scholarships, get in touch with the Japanese embassy or consulate in your home nation.

Submit application materials:  Fill up the MEXT scholarship application and send it along with the required supporting materials, including a research proposal, academic transcripts, diplomas, and proof of language competency.

Pass the screening process:  The MEXT scholarship selection process is extremely tough and consists of numerous rounds of screening, including written tests, interviews, and medical exams.

Receive notification: The Japanese embassy or consulate in your native country will inform you whether you have been chosen for the scholarship.

Obtain a visa: In order to enter Japan, you will require a visa once you have been notified of your selection.

Arrive in Japan: When you get to Japan, you can travel and start your studies at the university of your choosing after securing a visa.

Remember that depending on the nation you are coming from and the particular programme you are applying for, the application procedure and criteria may change. It is crucial to carefully read the application procedures and to get further information by getting in touch with the Japanese embassy or consulate in your place of residence.


FAQ About Scholarship

Q: What is the MEXT scholarship?

A: The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, or MEXT, scholarship is one that the Japanese government offers to foreign students who wish to study in Japan for undergraduate, graduate, or research purposes.

Q: Who is eligible for the MEXT scholarship?

A: Depending on the scholarship category, different individuals may be eligible for the MEXT scholarship. Applicants must typically be non-Japanese citizens between the ages of 18 and 35, have completed at least 12 years of school, and fulfil the intellectual and physical qualifications set out by the Japanese government.

Q: What types of MEXT scholarships are available?

 A: MEXT offers a variety of scholarships, including those for teacher training, graduate research, and undergraduate study.

Q: How do I apply for the MEXT scholarship?

A: The MEXT scholarship application procedure differs based on the nation or location of the applicant. A research proposal, academic transcripts, recommendation letters, and other paperwork are often required of applicants when they submit an application through the Japanese embassy or consulate in their home country.

 Q: What does the MEXT scholarship cover?

A: The MEXT scholarship includes round-trip plane travel as well as tuition costs and a monthly stipend for living expenses.

Q: What is the duration of the MEXT scholarship?

A: Depending on the scholarship type, the MEXT scholarship’s term varies. Graduate and research scholarships often last 1.5 to 2 years (for master’s degrees) or 3 years (for doctorate studies), whereas undergraduate scholarships typically last 4-5 years.

Q: What are the benefits of the MEXT scholarship?

A: Through the MEXT grant, overseas students may study in Japan, get useful academic and research experience, and hone their intercultural communication abilities. The scholarship may also open up employment prospects for the student in Japan or their native country.

Q: What are some tips for applying for the MEXT scholarship?

A: Some advice for submitting an application for the MEXT scholarship includes doing extensive study about the scholarship, assembling the necessary paperwork well in advance, making sure the research plan is well-written and workable, and getting advice from former scholarship winners or Japanese language instructors.

Official Notification

Disclaimer: This is not the official scholarship website; it is only a one-page description of the scholarship. Despite our best efforts to keep the material up to date and correct, changes might happen at any time without prior notice. The most current, accurate, and complete information may be found on the official scholarship website, which we strongly advise you to verify. Any reliance you put on knowledge received from is totally at your own risk.

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