02 Postdoctoral Jobs at University of Helsinki, Finland

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If you’re a PhD degree holder and seeking postdoctoral fellowships, University of Helsinki, Finland has several online applications open. Explore the opportunities across diverse research areas and submit your application soon.

1. Postdoctoral Job

Summary of Postdoctoral Fellowship:

The appointment is at the Division of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology as part of the Business Finland funded research project LifeFactFuture, which advances life science manufacturing, technology and anticipatory excellence; increased agility, circularity and sustainability, ability to establish competitive advantages from world-class AI-based solutions and efficient deployment of RegOps, visionary and foresight capabilities, adaptability, and real-option assessment ability related to rapidly altering, optimising and scaling up current production lines and advancing new production. 

Application Deadline: 12.8.2024

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2. Postdoctoral Job

Summary of Postdoctoral Fellowship:

The failure to regenerate tissue with age is a major health issue. A contributor to this decline is the loss of stem cell function. Despite the essential role of stem cells, it is still unclear how they fail to maintain their functions during aging and disease. We discovered a new aspect of stem cell aging in vivo: cellular enlargement. With age and damage, stem cells increase in size, causing their functional decline. However, we are only beginning to understand how size impacts stem cell fitness and the physiological importance of this process remains unsolved.

Application Deadline: 25.07.2024

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