04 Postdoctoral Jobs at IMT Atlantique, France

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If you’re a PhD degree holder and seeking postdoctoral fellowships, IMT Atlantique, France has several online applications open. Explore the opportunities across diverse research areas and submit your application soon.

1. Postdoctoral Job

Summary of Postdoctoral Fellowship:

As part of the PEPR5G project which aims to study the integration of topologies in different systems, such as antenna feed networks, we are recruiting a post-doctoral student in Design of coaxial RF passive components for 5G applications. In collaboration with the Lab-STICC DH team within the Microwave (MO) department of IMT Atlantique, you contribute to the design of resonators and possibly associated filters for power supply networks and antenna networks on the basis of coaxial topologies, you participate in the manufacturing of demonstrators and their experimental characterizations.

Application Deadline: 05/31/2024

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2. Postdoctoral Job

Summary of Postdoctoral Fellowship:

As part of the Cybersecurity of Critical Infrastructures Chair , we are recruiting a Cyber-Physical Testbed research engineer within our Networks, Cybersecurity and Digital Law (SRCD) department. In collaboration with the Chair team, and as a Cyber ​​Security Systems engineer, you will be responsible for the maintenance and optimization of our various platforms, including an Airbus cyber range, miniaturized factories Fischertechnik controlled by PLCs from Schneider, Siemens, Creuzet and Industrial Shields, as well as sensors and actuators based on Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Application Deadline: 05/15/2024

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3. Postdoctoral Job

Summary of Postdoctoral Fellowship:

As part of a strong development of our infrastructure, with the purchase of our own calculation servers and the assembly of specific platforms, we are recruiting an IT and Networks Executive within our Automation, Production and IT department ( DAPI) You will be responsible for managing the computer hardware and software used within the department (purchase, installation, deployment, maintenance and evolution), you will provide first-level support to users and as an IT correspondent you will be the interface between the department and the Infrastructure and Information System Directorate (DISI).

Application Deadline: 05/26/2024

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4. Postdoctoral Job

Summary of Postdoctoral Fellowship:

As part of the Autonomous Pack project led by packaging tracking start-up GoodFloow, in collaboration with researchers at IMT, INRIA and IRCICA, and which aims to develop reusable, traceable industrial packaging that can be shared between manufacturers, we are recruiting a deep learning Post-doctoral researcher in our Mathematical and Electrical Engineering (MEE) Department. Using these reusable packaging is becoming more and more common in logistics chains. Its impact is beneficial economically, as it reduces costs related to the purchase of disposable packaging.

Application Deadline: 31/05/2024

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