71 Fully Funded PhD Programs at University of Sassari, Italy

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Are you holding Master’s degree and looking for PhD positions – Fully Funded PhD Programs in Europe? University of Sassari, Italy inviting application for funded PhD Programs or fully funded PhD Scholarship. University of Sassari is one of the largest university in the world with thousands of employees, students, and research scientists are involved in the innovation of science and technology daily.

University of Sassari has huge a campus in Itlay and widely known as for its contribution in top notch education and research. The contribution of University of Sassari is not only limited to natural sciences and engineering but it also offers high quality research as well as higher education in bio-medical sciences, social sciences, humanities, psychology, education, architecture etc.

Summary of Doctoral Position:

The University of Sassari does hereby announce the XXXVIII call for PhD Programmes. Calls based on qualifications and examinations are open for the admission to the PhD Programmes listed in Annex 1 and reporting the number of positions available, the number and type of scholarships, the qualifications which will be subject to evaluation by the Selection committee, the research topics required for the sole purpose of the selection procedure.

Available scholarships are as follows:

No. Research Graduate Institutes No. of positions
1 Archaeology, History and Human Sciences 6
2 Architecture and the Environment 13
3 Culture, Literature, Tourism and Territory 7
4 Economics, Management and Quantitative Methods 6
5 Life Sciences and Biotechnologies 10
6 Agricultural sciences 9
7 Biomedical sciences 9
8 Juridical sciences 5
9 Veterinary Science 6


Should further scholarships become available, in addition to those referred to in this call, even after the completion of the competitive procedure, the same shall be assigned to the Doctoral Programmes with administrative offices at the University of Sassari in the academic year 2022/2023, if necessary, also by recourse to new competition procedures.

Minimum admission requirements

All applicants are required to be in possession of a valid Masters’ Degree certificate or an equivalent academic degree pursuant to M.D. no. 509 of 3 November 1999, and M.D. no. 270 of 22 October 2004, or a degree obtained under the previous university system (prior to D.M. no. 509 of 3 November 1999) or other equivalent qualification obtained abroad.

For admission purposes, foreign citizens, whose qualifications are no validated, shall formally request the validation to the PhD Programme Council when submitting their application form and attach any document that may be necessary to the Council to issue an equivalence report, pursuant to art. 7 provisions.

Any original document written in a language other than Italian must be translated into Italian or presented in English, French or Spanish and stamped by the Italian consulate or diplomatic authority based in the applicant’s country of origin or residence, in compliance with current Italian regulations on foreign student admission to Italian universities.

Last Application Date: 11th August 2022

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