International Max Planck Research School PhD Scholarship 2024

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International Max Planck Research School PhD Scholarship 2024

Grade Level PhD.,


Eligible Nationalities All Countries 
Required Language English

The International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS)

  • Financial support is granted via an employment contract according to 65% TvöD E13 (German tariff for employees in civil service).
  • Health insurance, pension contribution, and other social benefits are included in the contract. The net take-home pay for PhD students (after taxes and deductions) is a minimum of 1,700 Euro per month.
Application Deadline  Please refer official website

Are you a student seeking an exciting opportunity or scholarship to support your degree program? The International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS), Germany inviting online application for International Max Planck Research School PhD Scholarship 2024.

Don’t let this fantastic chance pass you by by missing the application deadline! In this article, we’ll go over this scholarship program’s features, benefits, and step-by-step application process.

About International Max Planck Research School PhD Scholarship 2024

For the academic year 2024, the International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) is offering PhD scholarships. This is a fantastic chance for young scientists to complete their doctoral degrees at one of the top research universities in the world. The Max Planck Institute for (particular field) and other partner universities have collaborated to create the IMPRS.

The scholarship programme seeks to draw exceptional students from all around the world who share a deep love of scientific research and aspire to make substantial contributions to their areas. Successful candidates will get the possibility to collaborate with renowned scientists and have access to cutting-edge resources and facilities.

The fellowship comprises a monthly stipend to help with living expenses and covers the whole length of the PhD programme, which normally lasts three to four years. Additionally, awardees will have access to a range of opportunities for academic and professional growth, such as workshops, conferences, and networking gatherings.

The master’s degree or its equivalent in a relevant field is required of applicants, and they must also exhibit a high level of academic success. Research ideas, academic records, and letters of reference are all considered throughout the competitive selection process.

Overall, the IMPRS PhD Scholarship 2024 offers gifted students a prominent platform to pursue their research passions and advance their academic careers in a world-class research environment.

Program of Study

Molecular Life Sciences

Molecular Organ Biology

PhD program in psychiatric, translational research and basic Neuroscience with the option for a residency track for medical doctors.

Ageing Research

From Molecules to Organisms

About International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS)

A famous organisation that provides graduate students with chances for advanced study and training is the International Max Planck study School (IMPRS). It is a joint project of the Max Planck Institute and affiliated institutions that offers an interdisciplinary setting for cutting-edge scientific investigation. Numerous Ph.D. programmes are available at IMPRS in a variety of fields, drawing bright students from all over the world. Participants get access to top-notch facilities, eminent scholars who serve as mentors, and a thriving academic community. The IMPRS encourages multidisciplinary cooperation, supports scientific innovation, and equips students with the skills they need to succeed in both academia and business.

Scholarship Coverage

  1. Monthly Stipend: Recipients of the scholarship are provided with a monthly stipend to support their living expenses during the duration of their doctoral studies. The exact amount may vary depending on the specific program and funding available.
  2. Research Expenses: The scholarship often covers research-related expenses, including laboratory supplies, fieldwork costs, data collection, and other necessary materials for the research project.
  3. Tuition Fees: In most cases, the scholarship covers tuition fees for the duration of the PhD program. However, it is important to note that some universities in Germany do not charge tuition fees for doctoral studies, so this may vary depending on the institution.
  4. Travel Grants: Some IMPRS programs provide travel grants to support participation in conferences, workshops, and other scientific events related to the student’s research field.
  5. Training and Development Opportunities: Scholarship recipients may have access to additional training and development opportunities offered by the IMPRS, such as workshops, seminars, and specialized courses to enhance their research and professional skills.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Academic Qualifications: Applicants are typically required to hold a master’s degree or equivalent in a relevant field of study. Some programs may also consider exceptional candidates with a bachelor’s degree, depending on their academic achievements and research experience.
  2. Research Proposal: Applicants are usually required to submit a well-defined research proposal outlining their intended research topic and objectives for the PhD program. The proposal should demonstrate the applicant’s research potential and alignment with the research interests of the respective IMPRS program.
  3. Language Proficiency: Proficiency in the language of instruction is essential. In many cases, this is English, but some programs may require proficiency in the German language. Applicants are usually required to provide proof of language proficiency through standardized tests such as TOEFL or IELTS.
  4. Letters of Recommendation: Applicants are typically asked to provide letters of recommendation from academic or professional references who can attest to their academic abilities, research potential, and suitability for a PhD program.
  5. Academic Records: Applicants are required to provide their academic transcripts and certificates, demonstrating their previous academic achievements and qualifications.

Required Documents

Required documents:
  1. Curriculum Vitae (PDF file, max. 2-3 pages)
  2. Two letters of recommendation (more details see below)
  3. Transcript (record of study) and degree certificate for all completed degrees. If provided by the university, please also upload the supplementary information
  4. Temporary/provisional transcripts for degree programs, you are currently enrolled in
Recommend additional documents:
  • Certificate of proficiency in English (unless you are native English speaker)
  • Information about relevant scholarships, prizes and awards (in case you do have some)
  • Document qualifying for university studies (typically high school degree, Abitur, Matura or equivalent)
  • GRE general and GRE subject(link is external) test report in either biochemistry, biology, chemistry or physics (Institution code: 2828, Institution name: INTL M PLANCK RES SCH LF SCI ). We particularly recommend a GRE subject test if you studied outside the EU. For applicants from India we also accept GATE as alternative.
  • Copy of passport (specifically recommended if you are an international candidate not residing in the EU)
  • It is also possible to upload a portrait picture, that will be displayed in your application file in case you wish to do so

How to Apply for International Max Planck Research School PhD Scholarship 2024?

We invite highly qualified candidates with a strong commitment to basic science to apply.

Applicants should hold an MSc (or equivalent degree) with a strong background in biological sciences, neurosciences, biochemistry, biophysics, biotechnology or a related discipline.

Outstanding candidates with a first class BSc degree (or equivalent degree) are eligible to apply for the fast-track option.

For more information, eligibility criteria and online application please visit our website:

FAQ About Scholarship

Q: How can I apply for the International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) PhD Scholarship 2024?

A: The IMPRS PhD Scholarship 2024 application procedure may differ based on the particular programme and institution. In general, you must go to the official website of the IMPRS programme you are interested in and adhere to the guidelines for applying there. In most cases, this entails completing an online application form together with supporting materials including academic transcripts, a CV or résumé, letters of recommendation, a research plan, and documentation of language competency. Check the program’s particular requirements and the deadlines for submissions.

Q: Is the IMPRS PhD Scholarship 2024 open to international students?

A: Yes, foreign students from all across the world are normally eligible for the IMPRS PhD Scholarship 2023. To make sure that overseas candidates are accepted, it is suggested to review the eligibility conditions for the particular programme.

Q: What fields of study are covered by the IMPRS PhD Scholarship 2024?

A: The IMPRS provides an extensive selection of PhD programmes in a variety of subject areas, including but not limited to physics, chemistry, biology, neuroscience, computer science, and social sciences. Each IMPRS programme is connected to a particular Max Planck Institute and focuses on a specific field of study. It is crucial to look into the different programmes and select the one that best suits your research preferences.

Q: What is the duration of the IMPRS PhD Scholarship 2024?

A: Depending on the individual programme and the nature of the research endeavour, the IMPRS PhD Scholarship 2023 will normally last three to four years.

Q: What are the selection criteria for the IMPRS PhD Scholarship 2024?

A: While the selection criteria for various IMPRS programmes may change, they often take into account elements including academic achievement, the strength of the research proposal, letters of recommendation, and the compatibility of the applicant’s research interests with the program’s objectives. Shortlisted applicants may be invited for interviews or further testing throughout the competitive selection process.

Q: What financial support does the IMPRS PhD Scholarship 2024 provide?

A monthly stipend to help with living expenses is often provided by the IMPRS PhD Scholarship 2024 during the doctorate study. Additionally, certain programmes could pay for research costs, tuition, and travel funds for conference attendance. The precise financial support information may change based on the programme and the funds that is available.

Official Notification

Disclaimer: This is not the official scholarship website; it is only a one-page description of the scholarship. Despite our best efforts to keep the material up to date and correct, changes might happen at any time without prior notice. The most current, accurate, and complete information may be found on the official scholarship website, which we strongly advise you to verify. Any reliance you put on knowledge received from is totally at your own risk.

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