What is Slide? Definition, Types, & Examples

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What is Slide?

Slide could have various meaning like a surface of ice on which kids slide for fun. Sliding could also mean a smooth progress in a particular event. Sliding could also mean when heavy objects through a slope so that they can be easily moved.

A particular which opens or closes on sliding is also a sliding motion. Even microscope possess slide through which one can look into the field. When rocks or a particular piece slides down the hill or a mountain, like a land slide or snow slide. The displacement of rocks along the fissu line.

In instruments like trumpet and trombone, to make various tones and lower them, sliding mechanism is seen. Examples are the slide box, which is designed in such a way to hold, move, items and to cut them and are fitted with screws so that the sliding can occur.

Another example is the slide rule, which comprises of two parts, which slide over the other. It is used in math for subtraction, addition, multiplication and various division and for logarithmic scales.

Another example is the opening and closing of a particular object so that a person can pass, it is called as slide valve, which is used in steam engines for moving steam to the piston and then liberating it through a cavity. It can be found in steam chest and is movable by the valve gear.

For instance, consider A as the steam engine’s cylinder in which is a piston, where the steam chest gets it steam moved through the pipe, with valves present at various location and is connected to the end of cylinder through a port and steam is liberated through the interaction between the exhaust and the port.

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